Orange wine – what it is…

Orange wine? Yes, orange wine.
Just like the family of tastes (sweetness, sourness, saltiness and bitterness) has gained a new member – umami, orange wine became the fourth of the traditional wine colors – white, red and rosé.

The term “orange wine” is more or less new. It was formed by the Anglo-Saxons in order to exactly describe a group of wines made of white grapes which are left in contact with grape skins over a longer period of time (maceration). This is a procedure usually used for red wine production. At the same time it is a traditional procedure, for white wine used to be produced through prolonged maceration even long before.

This way more color pigments and tannins are eluted from the grape skins, which impart the wine with a deep color of old gold or amber. In some places, but mostly in Georgia, the term „amber wine“ is used for macerated white wine.




Orange Wine FestivalInternational festival of wines with prolonged maceration

The Orange Wine Festival (OWF) is a broadly conceived presentation of white wines, produced by the procedure of prolonged maceration.


Wine producers presenting their wine(s) at the Orange Wine Festival hereby confirm:

- The wine to be presented was produced from white grapes by prolonged maceration;
- The grapes used for the wine to be presented were produced possibly in a nature-friendly and sustainable way, under consideration of healthy environment as well as natural processes therein;
- The grapes used in the wine to be presented were picked manually;
- Vinification and other wine producing procedures were possibly spontaneous and natural, with as little oenological intervention as possible;
- Orange wine production did not include any procedures which aren't allowed in organic wine production in the EU (partial concentration by cooling, elimination of sulphur dioxide by physical process, electro dialyses, use of cation exchangers);
- Total sulphite content is as low as possible and doesn't exceed the half (75 mg/l) of the limit set by the EU for organic white wines (150 mg/l);


The compliance of the wine with the above criteria is examined by the Orange Wine Festival international expert committee (wine producers, OWF-representatives, external experts), led by Mr. Dario Prinčič (Collio, Italy) – one of the distinguished pioneers of the above wine production.

The wide international wine range will be complemented by a fine selection of culinary delicacies reflecting a similar philosophy. Among the master chefs to indulge you there will be renowned names of the European and global culinary art.

orange wine festival Orange Wine Festival


Planet - V Izoli uživali ob okušanju oranžnih vin

Izola je gostila že peti festival oranžnih vin. Na festivalu je sodelovalo 69 vinarjev, poleg Slovencev še Italijani, Gruzijci, Srbi in Hrvati. Razmeroma novo poimenovanje »oranžno vino« pravzaprav opisuje prastaro...

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Primorkse novice - Festival oranžnih vin v Izoli

Na letošnjem Festivalu oranžnih vin se je s svojimi belimi vini iz sonaravne in trajnostne pridelave, ki so bila pridelana s postopkom podaljšane spontane maceracije, predstavilo več kot 60 vinarjev...

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RTV Slovenija - Kako je festival oranžnih vin postal vinski dogodek leta

Nekateri na njih prisegajo, drugi jih označujejo za modno muho - kljub temu, da so delana po najstarejšem postopku. Kar koli si že mislite o oranžnih vinih, je njim posvečeni...

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Ieri, venerdi 29 aprile, si è svolta ad Isola d'Istria per il quinto anno consecutivo la manifestazione Orange Wine Festival, la più ampia presentazione di vini bianchi prodotti con il...


Memories dell’Orange Wine Festival 2016 svoltosi lo scorso venerdì a Izola/Isola. Memories di una giornata iniziata quando ancora fervevano i preparativi nella piazza Manzioli e nei due Palazzi, del Podestà...

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Mailing invites

Inform your friends about the Orange Wine Festival via the invitations published on links below:

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Il Friuli ( announces OWF Izola 2016

Isola si prepara ad accogliere gli Orange Wine Appuntamento venerdì 29 aprile con la quinta edizione del festival Sulla costa slovena dell’Istria, nel centro di Isola, in particolare a palazzo Manzioni, venerdì...

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Decanter article by Simon Woolf

A growing number of winemakers are cutting back on sulfites in wine. Here's five wines with no added sulfur dioxide in the cellar, chosen by Simon Woolf.  Sulfur dioxide – or...

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Una terra magica quella del Collio goriziano e il culto quasi religioso per essa fanno del contadino-vignaiolo Damijan Podversic più un seguace di San Francesco (“Laudato si’, mi’ Signore, per...

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The Ritz is now serving orange wine by the glass following a major update of its 800-reference Livre du Vin, the hotel’s head sommelier Giovanni Ferlito has announced. The iconic London...

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What better way to experience local culture than to drink it?! Beer and wine festivals are definitely one of my favorite ways for experiencing a new place and the Europe...

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